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Wave Number Coins Awarded Enemies Encountered Unlocks New Deadlite
1 0 Coin Bone Clubs, Red Evil Book

Iron Fist, Peasant

Bone Clubs, Red Evil Book
2 50Coin Bone Clubs, Red Evil Book The Wrong Book NONE
3 60Coin Bone Clubs, Red Evil Book, Bone Spears Swordsman Bone Spears
4 80Coin Bone Clubs, Red Evil Book, Bone Spears, Bone with Wooden sheild and ax Chainsaw Bone with Wooden sheild and ax
5 Coin
6 Coin
7 Coin
8 Coin
9 Coin
10 Coin
11 Coin
12 Coin
13 Coin
14 Coin
15 Coin
16 Coin
17 Coin
18 Coin
19 Coin
20 Coin
21 Coin
22 Coin
23 Coin
24 Coin
25 Coin
26 Coin
27 Coin
28 Coin
29 Coin
30 Coin
31 Coin
32 Coin
33 Coin
34 Coin
35 Coin
36 Coin
37 Coin
38 Coin
39 Coin
40 Coin
41 Coin
42 Coin
43 Coin
44 Coin
45 Coin
46 Coin
47 Coin
48 Coin
49 Coin
50 Coin

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NOTE, These strategies are NOT official from BFS. They are the strategies the players use.


In this game there are important things you should do for survival

1. Dont leave the stone path until you have backup

It is better to wait where the castle archers are, wait for backup (You have to call for your backup obviously) , and if the enemies are very close, attack them from range.

2. Before you call for archers (...etc.) wait until you can upgrade smithy.

If you don't wait till you can upgrade Smithy, it will be harder to get iron bars quickly and call units more quickly than if you have the first Smithy upgrade.

3. Upgrade Ash and the power you will use to the MAX

If you have Ash in his max level, it will be easier to kill deadities, and with the powers (Example, Arrows and Catapult Aley) you can use Ash, Arrows, Catapults, and the deadities in front of you wont be there anymore.

4. Upgrade Wall Archers and Catapults to the MAX

That brigs BIG advantages. Like this one:

The deaditie archers and speardeadities, have very low defense, and if you are in a raid, the archers and catapults will kill the Archers and sperardeadities, leaving you the not so effective units, but with high defense.

5. JUST at the begining go to where the pit is (If you don't have the pit, stay where you begin)

At the begining, just few deadities come alone, and if you have the iron fist or the chainsaw, you can only attack them closely, and they wll fall into the pit. When more deadities arrive, take cover.