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What you will encounter:

  • Evil Ash
  • Sheila
  • Crossbow Deadite
  • Pit Monster
  • Gargoyles
  • Spiked Shield Pushers
  • Deadite Soldier Elite
  • Deadite Hammer Soldier Elite 
  • Deadite Healer

Your Weapons:

  • Max Boomstick
  • Max Deathcoaster
  • Max Peasants 
  • Max armored Guard 
  • Swordboy
  • The Pit

Strategy: Get 4-6 peasants and then call in your sword boy. At the beginning try and kill and hold back the enemies as much as you can (the pit is very handy at the begining). As I said call 4 or 5 peasants and then call in your sword boy. Then just continously start calling peasants. If you get more iron call in the armored guard. The peasants should be able to really damage and hold back everyone, and they should be able to kill sheila  as well (As long as you keep unleashing the deathcoaster and the boom stick whenever they are ready). When the king is very close to the book he should die(If this doesn't work give it a few tries it should work).

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