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Clatto Verata N.. Necktie? Nectar? Nickel? Noodle?
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Magic Words
MAgic Words
''Summoning Icon''


Magic Power





Summoning time




Strategy Editorial

Use this power when you are in danger or you are being attacked, maybe some units can help you, or you can restore your health with Clatto Veratta Neck Tie. This power can be very useful or disapointing, you can get two armored guards, or you can get two peasants, which is disapointing.


The Powers of the Magic Words may be exciting and awesome or disappointing, you can get Neck tie in a moment that you need health, or you can get Neck Tie in a Moment you and your units have their health filled; You can get Two Peasants when you need health or two Armored Guards to defend you.


  • Magic Words is a special ability Ash has that allows you to summon either a Neck Tie, or a couple of units.
  • Unfortunatly, you do NOT get to choose which one you receive from the summon. You can summon any unit that can do damage, and is not a hero.
  • The "Magic Words" Ash says are "Clatto Verata ____". To summon the Neck Tie, He says "Neck Tie" at the end of the "Clatto Verata", leaving it with "Clatto Verata Neck Tie". To summon A unit, he says "Clatto Verata Ni@t#..."


Unit Summonable
Peasant Yes
Swordsman Yes
Spearman Yes
Archer Yes
Sword-boy No
Armored Guard Yes
Wiseman No
Arthur No
Horseman Yes
Henry No
Torch-boy No

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