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11/21/12: I am currently completely revamping the Home Page. The finished result will be much more streamlined and easy to use, but will take a lot of work. Here is my task list:

  • Shorten the Home Page, take out unneccesary content (COMPLETED)
  • Revamp the look (COMPLETED)
  • Possibly add a portal slot with unit pages and Power Up pages linked to it.

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-Even Though we wont have many users in this wiki, I made this Chat Records Blog for knowing how many times the users have been banned, kicked and why.

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How's it going guys, Slim Jim here. Just here letting you people know to follow the rules that we put in place.

Sorry I have been off for a while, conducting an experiment that might turn out to be deadly. X_X

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up.

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Heya! So, im mostly here to help format the pages, and make stuff prettier and easier (Note the Wordmark at the top corner, the banners on the top of the main page & staff page, and the purple and silver navigation bar). I'll also be recording stats when I have time, and adding pics of the in-game stuff. I'm one of those "not-so-strict" admins, so if you need help, just ask me on my Message Wall, as i'm always willing to lend a hand.

Notes to Staff Members:

So hopefully all of us know about the background problem, I have come up with a temporary solution, check out the main page to see it in action. We should decide wether or not doing this to all the pages is neccesary. Thanks!


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Hi! i am good friends with the founder, Stewie. I was the first editor/staff member of this wiki (besides Stewie of course). But enough of the introductions. Please whenever you come on, GO TO THE HOMEPAGE!

Also, when creating a page, and you have no info for it, please use my new template. type in { { Placeholder } }, just without the spaces. here is an example of what it would look like.

Template color voting.

change color?

The poll was created at 16:54 on November 4, 2012, and so far 4 people voted.

Thanks for your opinion!

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Hello, and ummmm...well thanks for having me on this wiki, i will do my best to this wiki and well um.... god this is well if you have any issue or problems you have, happily contact me. Don't worry, I won't bite.....For now! ;)

Happy editing!!!

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"Untrusting at first, but he commands the loyalty of his subjects. Once you convince him to fight for you, he should prove to be the valuable ally needed."
  — Game Description 
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